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At the Australian Homeschool Network we will continue to support the National Australian Home Education Community from our exciting new base at the Hilltop Resort in Swan Hill Victoria.  JOIN our mailing list to see how we can help you and to stay in touch with us.

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Australian Homeschool Network's main goal is to promote and foster the skills, interests and knowledge of our National Home Education community, and allow the passion of this information to reach as many Australian Homeschoolers as possible.
I am determined to do what I can to provide information and resources to new Homeschoolers. I have set up quite a few things to hopefully encourage and enable families to get in touch with each other with a view to forming networks that support and encourage each other.
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At the Australian Homeschool Network my intent is to promote and foster the skills,

interests and knowledge of our National Home Educating community, allowing this

information to reach as many Australian Homeschoolers as possible.

At its heart, I believe that Home Schooling is a lifestyle, chosen by families for the

enrichment of the entire family.

Homeschooling numbers are increasing in Australia annually. It is my passion and intent to

offer as much information as I possibly can to anyone that wants to know more about Homeschooling.

In Australia we are very fortunate to have a very supportive community that allows homeschooling groups to connect with each other either in person or online and provides many opportunities for homeschoolers to confidently provide the education, resources and activities used to successfully offer a warm, loving, supportive and complete education for their children from home.

As you read through this site, you will be looking for information - probably for LOTS of information!! You will also be trying to find the details that will help you as you embark on this journey we call homeschooling.

As part of my commitment to the Australian Home Education Community, here at the Australian Homeschool Network I will be constantly trying to assist anyone and everyone that is new to homeschooling in finding all of the details that you would want to have at your fingertips.

Australian Homeschool Network exists to assist Homeschoolers in their journey, and to provide information about Homeschooling to anybody that is interested in finding out more about educating their children at home.

Homeschooling is NOT for everyone (nothing is....) but I truly believe that if you do not know that Homeschooling is an option - if you don't know what ALL of your options are - you can not make an informed decision about the education of your children.

I am passionate about providing that knowledge and that choice to all Australian families.


Australian Homeschool Network

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